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Girl Behind the Hive

This is for the moms reading labels for kindergarten snack time, the dads dropping off their kids at a birthday party for the first time, the friends and grandparents who want to understand a little bit more, and most importantly, the person with food allergies, who isn't going through this alone.

Growing up with food allergies isn't easy, and sometimes you feel like nobody gets it. Well, I'm the girl who does. Growing in and out of different allergies over the past twenty three years makes me a bit of an expert on living with allergies, so I am here to help by sharing my own personal experiences and answering any questions you might have. I have found the easiest way to handle food allergies is learning through other people's experiences. There weren't any people for me to look up to, learn from, or ask questions of when things felt overwhelming or I was just plain confused. I'm the Girl Behind the Hive, because I've had many, and I'm here for you.