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A Year in Review

While food allergies can be challenging to navigate, they don't need to stand in your way. I have heard of too many people letting food allergies dominate their lives, and it makes me sad that they think allergies have this debilitating impact. That being said, of course I understand where they're coming from. Not a single hour goes by where I don't do a self check-in or think about my food allergies in some way. Over time, I have learned to adapt many situations so I can live my life safely and to the fullest, and you can too! Here are just some of the things I was able to do in 2019 even with my multiple anaphylactic allergies:

- Travel to Paris and eat safely in restaurants

- Film multiple TV shows

- Bake, cook, and bake some more!

- Start my graduate degree program

- Celebrate my sister's 21st birthday with her

- Hike in Red Rock Canyon

- Attend the TONY Awards

- Speak at the FARE Summit

- Spend birthdays and holidays with family and friends

- Throw out expired Auvi-Q's

- Discover new products - three life changing brands are Hungry Harry's, Steve & Andy's, and 88 Acres!

- Eat out in NYC, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida (message me for restaurant recommendations)

- Meet so many amazing and inspiring food allergy advocates

- Start this blog!

Feel free to reach out about anything I mentioned. I love connecting with my readers and hope you take the opportunity to ask me any questions or just share your thoughts! I can't wait for everything to come in 2020. Here's hoping for no allergic reactions, more research funding, and a cure! I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year - and I can't WAIT to share some fun things I've been working on for 2020!

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