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Doing my Part

While sitting home in New York, I tried to think of ways to help the food allergy community. It’s a hard time across the country and everybody is struggling.  I understand firsthand that it is especially hard to be stuck at home when you or your children have severe food allergies. Your local grocery store may have been out of your only safe brand or you may not have bought enough gluten free pasta to last through the isolation period.

Here’s where I am doing my part to help. I reached out to a number of allergy friendly companies to get discount codes so you can restock your pantry and feel safe in your home. I know that I’m lucky to have my pantry stocked full of safe brands, and I want you to feel that way too.

I want to be extremely clear that I am NOT getting any type of compensation or benefit from these companies, I am simply trying to do my part. These discounts benefit not only you, but the companies that are now struggling in this economy.

Please share these codes with your family, friends, and followers. Most of these foods have long expiration dates and you will be doing a great service helping these companies in this time of great stress! Stay safe, stay healthy, and feel free to reach out with any companies you'd like to see in the next round. Happy shopping!

<3 Sarah

To hear more about this, check out my video:

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